“XOOCAR” is a software and solutions company providing innovative “Indian Transportation Solution” to its user & we are driven by Data Science methodology. We intend & aspire to solve the huge issues existing in the highly fragmented transportation market through Data Intelligence. We are the only platform which has transcended from just an aggregator to data aggregator / data Science Company in transportation segment – which is the biggest differentiator. Platform will transform from being data aggregator to provide analytics & insight into consumer behavior, their commute pattern, their preferences etc which will add more value to the entire eco system. We will foray into the long hall & short hall transportation solution in coming future. We developed the Indian Transportation solution which will not only help the existing transpoters/taxi/ cab partners only but will also help our consumers/ customers with its great proposition / offerings. We intent & aspire to solve the huge issue existing there in the highly fragmented transportation market through data intelligence. We are a stabilizing force, providing equally lucrative earning and continued existence. “XOOCAR” transportation hailing application/ platform will help millions of customers across cities to manage their daily commute/tour/ transportation needs on a click with a large fleet of Cabs/ Taxis, Loaders, Transporters, Ambulance, Buses, Maxxi etc. We are offering affordable, reliable, and comfortable rides for commuters with our cutting edge technology.